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Summer is coming

Hello everyone,


Well, summer is just getting started, and here on the ranch we’re all working hard and getting everything ready for a full summer of activity.  And we’re kicking off the sunny season with a Client Appreciation Weekend, June 4th and 5th right here at Cedar Run Ranch in Cumberland, VA.  As part of the weekend we’ve holding a Client Appreciation Clinic and you can get a discounted fee of $400.00 for the entire clinic.  Check out my Facebook page for details on the discount.  I hope you’ll stop by, say hi and partake in all the activities we’ve got planned for our clients and friends. Here’s how to get here.  Then we jump right in to the 8th week of the Training with Trust Certification program June 6th through June 10th.  For those who may want to stay at the ranch for the weekend event and the training program, we’ve got 2 cottages and a campground for you.  We also have a list of motels in the area. Be sure to book as soon as you can to be sure you’ve got a place to stay. 


Graduation Day is coming!  Yep.  June 13th through 17th is the 9th and final week of our Training with Trust Certification Program.  It’s been a great time for all and early congratulations to all of you who will be completing the program.  Great work all!


New Training video release:  As part of the Training Manual #4, we’re starting a new round of exercises: Circles.  In this chapter we’ll concentrate on using circle patterns to create balance and softness, and gain further control of the shoulders and hips.  The new video series will be uploaded to on Tuesday, June 7th.  Hope you will enjoy these new exercises.

And you can contact us at 434-983-2221 or to purchase the full Training Manual #4.

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