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Better late then never!!

Sorry, sorry, sorry...  I know I said I would blog every week, and on paper that made perfect sense.  In fact, when I was drawing this plan up I was thinking that blogging once a week was not enough.  Well, maybe I'll re-work the blogging plan so that I blog twice a month...  No,  I'll try, key word, "try" to blog once a week, and yes on Tuesdays. 

Now, why Tuesdays??  I'm thinking that it gives me time to:
-call our sponsors/partners (once we have one to sponsor the blog...Hint, Hint) and find out what's happen with them; new products, services, any general information.
-put together the video clips
-Prepare for a our Facebook update
-...and load the video clips to our Youtube channel.  BTW: If you go to our Youtube Channel (Click Here) please subscribe to get notification of new videos that have been uploaded.

So you can see we have a plan, and that's all good, but I didn't count on the amount of time it takes to coordinate all of this.  And lets not forget that I have a barn full of horses, my Certificate program, and training sessions to run.  So for now please check back regularly and we here at Cedar Run Ranch, and oh yeah, don't forget about Bob in California will try to update the blog and web site at least once a week.

Talk with you soon,  send in a comment, we would love to hear from you!!

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